The Best Beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands

As the sunniest place in the British Isles, Jersey is a great place to see and enjoy the British seaside at its best. Renowned for its beautiful sands and clear waters, the Island’s beaches have been earmarked as some of the cleanest in Europe … which is why their one of my top 5 reasons to visit Jersey. All round the island, great pockets of seaside fun can be found which, due to Jersey’s topography vary greatly.
From mini deep-water harbours, to long stretching sandy beaches with rolling waves, there really is a beach to suit every occasion here. As an Islander and keen beach go-er, I’ve got a great level of local knowledge, so have picked out my best beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands to make things easier for you!
Straight in at Number 1, is probably my all time favourite beach in Jersey. The picturesque setting of this quiet and remote bay, make it ideal on a beautiful sunny day and it’s a great choice if you’re looking to get away from the crowds. A series of steep steps down to the bay, as well as a lack of facilities (no toilets, no cafe etc), make it a wonderfully peaceful haven. The top of the beach is stony, but as soon as the tide starts to go out there is lots of lovely white sand to enjoy.
Swimming is good at this south-facing bay, as its horseshoe shape keeps things calm and the sea a little warmer! Beauport is the place I always take visitors to the Island first – it never fails to impress!
Not far from where I grew up, this cute little harbour beach is full of character. A nice pit stop if you are enjoying the north coast cliff paths, Bonne Nuit can be found at the bottom of a steep hill. Parking is tight, but there is always plenty of action going on here, from the coming and going of fishing boats to pier-jumping kids. The beach is very small, but has some nice sand at the top, before getting stony as the tide ebbs its way out. Due to its northern positioning, the water can be a bit chillier at Bonne Nuit, but lying against the sun-baked stone harbour walls after a swim, makes for a great way to warm up after. At night, Bonne Nuit maintains its great sense of character with a lovely Thai Café that opens on the slip. Enjoy BYO alcohol over some spicy Thai food as you watch the lapping waves of the rising tide.
The beautiful red-yellow colour of its sand makes Grève de Lecq quite iconic and one of the best beaches in Jersey, Channel Islands. Up in the northwest corner of the Island, it’s popular with families due to its ample parking and great facilities. Swimming here is safe and easy with on duty lifeguards during the summer season and there is a flat promenade, featuring some bunkers and an out looking pier, to stroll up and down on. There are also a couple of cafes here, Colleens being a firm favourite, as well as a number of nice pubs. One of them, the Moulin de Lecq, initially dates back the 12th century, when it was one of Jersey’s ancient watermills and still retains some wonderfully traditional features.
Grève de Lecq is a calm, flat beach and has nice access to the Jersey’s north coast footpaths as well.