Reasons Why You Must Visit Yogyakarta

Straight off the bat, just wanna say that I loved Yogyakarta. And I’m kind of not even sure why. Ok, I know it was because of the amazing historical attractions, vibrant culture, delicious street food and friendly people, but there was also something I couldn’t put my finger on here. Something that had me immediately warm to this place, that called me, that enticed me, that intrigued me and that delighted me.
And it’s probably not just me, because Yogyakarta is definitely on of the top destinations for travellers in the island of Java. So move over Bali, if you’re looking for some real cultural currency during your time in Indonesia, then look no further than this awesome city.
So coming in at number one is ironically something not located actually within Yogyakarta itself, but it is close by. And you know what? It’s so amazing, that I had to put this bad boy at the top of the list! Yes watching the sunrise over the largest Buddhist Temple in the world at Borobudur is one thing you cannot miss when you visit Yogyakarta. In fact, it’s pretty much the 1 reason to visit this part of Java in its own right. As the sounds of monks chanting slowly fills the air around you, the pink light piercing the sky washes this huge temple with a rose-coloured light and perfectly contrasts the dark and ancient stones. Climb to the top of the temple for the best views and get ready to start snapping! After the light display is over, you’ll also want to spend some time walking around and exploring this temple – marvelling at the intricate engravings.
It’s no secret that Indonesia is an absolute dream of a country for the foodies among you and Yogyakarta is no exception. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, you’ll be delighted to learn that it’s the sugary stuff this city is famous for! So get your hunger game on, hit up Yogyakarta and prepare to eat your heart out! Of course, there’s tons of amazing restaurants to choose from, but for us budget travellers perhaps it’s the allure of the great street food that is most appealing. The place to head is the main Tugu Street, where vendors line the sides of the road.
Head here in the evening to soak up the atmosphere and try street grills, desserts and my fav, the small take away packets of flavoured rice that you can add what you want to.
If you’ve seen my post about the many faces of Indonesia, you’ll know that this country absolutely captured the heart of my camera as well as me! And perhaps the place that did this the most was Yogyakarta. A bustling student city, the vibrancy on the street here was utterly compelling and on just about every corner, I found myself digging for my camera to snap some aspect of natural life that I found completely fascinating. People here were so happy to have their photos taken too – as babies were thrust into my arms, kids grinned cheekily from behind their parents legs and shopkeepers leant out of their doorways to strike a pose! And that’s the people – not to mention the amazing historical sights, food and traditional dancers.