Best Gower Beaches, Wales

There’s no denying, when it comes to the best British strips of sand, it’s hard to beat the amazing beaches of the Gower Peninsula in Wales. In fact, I’m going to put myself out there and say it’s almost impossible to top this ancient coastal outcrop. Full of dramatic green countryside, where giant cliffs fall down to golden sand bays and the great ocean laps beyond, the sense of drama in this part of the country is palpable on every level.
It is indeed a land of legends, myths and magic. Thankfully, one of the best things to come out of 2020 and the pandemo chaos for me, has been the opportunity to explore my homeland of Great Britain more and there’s no doubt in my mind, Wales absolutely topped the bill. Spending a week in the south of this country, during the sunniest seven days in September I ever remember, was nothing short of dreamy as I camped, hiked, swam and lapped up the ocean air until my travel spirit was so fully charged it didn’t know what to do with itself.
Coming in at number 1 on this list of the best Gower beaches is an absolute people-watching favourite – Langland Bay – which I have learnt since my visit, is the place to both see and be seen!
That makes it sound like an awful place, but it’s absolutely not – it’s just a real hub of aspirational action with some lovely cafes, a beautiful big stretch of sand and plenty of beach huts, plus families, skaters, surfers, groups of friends and walkers all doing their thing. And just around the headland from Langland Beach is another local favourite centre of action, Caswell Bay.
You can actually walk from Langland, all the way on a well-paved coastal trail, to Caswell Beach. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your Gower Beach experience and, if you’re lucky, you’ll see seals bobbing about in the water here too, as I did. Once at Caswell, you’ll find a good café, car park and toilet facilities, which makes this a top choice for families.
The beach here is really large at low tide and there’s plenty of space to spread out on the sand or hide away around the corner in some of the rocky areas. Safe swimming in the summer months, along with a brilliant surf school that offers lessons to those with disabilities, round off this feel-good favourite.
Three Cliffs Bay is undoubtedly one of the best Gower beaches. Packing in a stunning outlook with some good hiking opportunities, some magical scenes during very high tides and a ton of dramatic coastline, this is a favourite for those who like their strip of sand served with a bit of action! The rivers here, along with Pennard Castle which lies beyond the sweeping sand dunes, only adds to Three Cliffs’ impressive nature, and the nearby Gower Heritage Centre means there’s plenty to get into.
The walk from the car park to the beach itself is long, so do be warned about this, but it’s certainly worth the adventure and actually, one of my top Gower walks!